We are innovating the science
driving the cannabis industry to
provide brands and consumers
with the means of creating safe,
efficient and accurate dosage.

Our Story

Our technology
is better. So
we created
Made by Science.

Before starting this company, we hadn't thought much about the problems found in edible products today - inconsistencies in formulation, dosage, efficacy and onset. Labels were misleading (if even available). And when we tested the products, it was worse than we thought.

Made by Science offers the next generation of delivery systems designed to help solve those glaring problems. For the established company looking to create a brand extension, we offer r&d services and development. We create off the shelf solutions for early stage companies to reach market faster by removing obstacles.

We are more than a technology partner. We are the solution.


A diverse team with
deep experience.

Our team comes from wellness to pharma, from big companies to small startups and bring a wealth of knowledge from encapsulation systems, advanced delivery methods and by taking a scientific approach to creating new platforms.


Keep curating new
experience. We'll
deliver the effects.

We’ll work with you through every stage of the development cycle, from creative brainstorming, prototyping, optimizing, and all the way to commercialization.

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